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Are you are looking for a single camera or a full Surveillance System for your home, business or institution?
Security cameras are no longer just cameras. For even a basic surveillance installation, smooth live video and reliable recording are the most common requirements. However, more and more applications other than security cameras are being created based on various user needs.
Thanks to Hikvision & Axis, CCTV IP network cameras with high resolutions, high frame rates, and excellent video quality, video footage has become amenable to detailed analysis. From viewing your front door to answering it remotely, one often sees smart video surveillance systems used for more demanding tasks such as object counting, license plate recognition, image-correlated access control, face recognition, and more. The best surveillance cameras can do all of these and various other important functions.
At first glance Hikvision & Axis CCTV IP camera systems may appear to be “expensive”, but that is in fact not true at all.
When one considers the long term costs of conventional systems and compares them to IP camera systems and other surveillance systems of today, one clearly sees that you come out well ahead, and not just financially.
Whether you want to protect your premises, view who is at your front door, provide entry or access remotely, be notified when your children arrive home safely, or count the number of people passing through your doors, AlarVac can provide you with the best security system for your needs.
That is why AlarVac will provide you with all the options for security systems and let you decide which one is best suited for you. Another thing that sets AlarVac apart from the rest is that AlarVac can provide you with a single camera, multiple security cameras, or complete High Resolution IP Network Camera System with the latest Camera Management Software (CMS) without ANY large up-front OR long term Camera Management Software costs. This makes us a leading provider of home security systems in Toronto.
THAT’S RIGHT! FREE CMS that is cutting edge and TOP of the Line!
That means you can have the BEST home security system without the HIGH long term cost.
To find out about the best surveillance cameras that we have to offer and our other services and products, call 416-520-4080 and we will help you select the BEST solution for you.
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