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When do I need a Service Call?

Reduced suction

If you notice that your central vacuum suction doesn’t seem as strong as it used to be, the first thing you want to do is to make sure that you have a new bag in the vacuum canister or empty the canister and clean the filter. If there is still a loss of suction, you may have a clog.

A clog happens when an item of clothing such as a sock, or larger debris like pine needles and twigs get sucked into the central vac piping and instead of moving through the pipes into the filter bag, remain in the pipes or elbows and begin to block suction. Depending on the location of the clog, you may notice that some outlets still have full suction, while some have weak suction.

Unusual noise or smell

You may be seeing other issues such as your Central Vacuum not turning on, sounding unusually noisy, or some other issue that is out of the ordinary.

If you are noticing an odd or burning smell from your Central Vacuum, this is often due to a motor that is overheating. Turn off and unplug the Central Vacuum right away, even before calling us.

If any of these happen, call Alarvac to set up a service call appointment. Alarvac services all brands of Central Vacuums.


Why do I need an on-site service call – can’t I just bring in the unit?

While sometimes people will want to bring in a central vacuum unit to our showroom for service, we recommend that a service call be performed on-site, because in our experience, a lot of central vacuum issues may be related to the piping and outlets, hoses and accessories and wiring.

When on-site, our technician will fix the clog, and check the rest of the Central Vacuum System, and also do minor repairs that are within the scope of the service call. These can include repairing and re-seating the main gasket, minor piping repairs near the power unit if these are contributing to clogging, replacing outlets that have become leaky or have worn electrical contacts.

Sometimes, we find more serious issues with rough-in and installation that will take a little longer to address. In these cases, we’ll let you know what we found, and provide an estimate to fix the problem

If your power unit is experiencing problems, our technician will bring it back to our workshop for a full evaluation and diagnosis. We’ll let you know what we find, and provide an estimate for repairs.


Central Vacuum Tune-up Service

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This old adage is certainly true when it comes to central vacuums, which need periodic maintenance to keep performing at top efficiency.

As with all household machines, Central Vacuums, hoses, outlets and accessories wear with use, and there are some aspects of maintenance that need to be performed by an experienced technician with specialized equipment. Here’s what a Central Vac tune-up entails:

    • Clean piping throughout the house
    • Clean the canister permanent filter
    • Replace vacuum bag
    • Clean Power unit inside and out.
    • Measure suction at inlet valves
    • Measure suction at machine
    • Check all inlet valves
    • Analyze motor performance
    • Inspect all hoses, wands, powerheads, tools and accessories
    • Check power head and belt
    • Check wiring
    • Check Canister gaskets


Central Vacuum Power Unit Overhaul

This is an extensive service of the Central Vacuum Power Unit. We recommend this be done every 5 years or so, to keep the unit performing at peak power, and extend the life of the machine.

    • The technician will check the motor, bearings, carbon brushes and commutator for wear. Carbon brushes are small blocks made of hard graphite, a substance similar to pencil lead. They transfer electricity to the rotating part via the commutator, which is the rotating switch part of the motor. Carbon brushes have a limited life span, and should be replaced approximately every 5 years, more frequently if the Central Vacuum gets above average use. When the carbon brushes wear out completely, they can end up damaging the commutator part of the motor. If that happens, the motor needs to be replaced. Carbon Brushes should be replaced before they wear out, sometimes they can damage the motor when they wear out.
    • Motor bearings are permanently lubricated for long life. Under normal conditions, these should last the lifetime of the central vacuum. However, if dust and debris finds a way past the permanent filter, then it can get lodged in the bearings and damage them. The bearings are not serviceable parts, and if damaged, the motor will need to be replaced.
    • Replace gasket at bottom of motor – Over time, this gasket can wear down or shift, causing a loss of suction.
    • Check main bucket gasket – This is the seal between the bottom bucket and the rest of the canister. Over time, this can wear, or more often, gets dislodged accidentally, causing a loss of suction.
    • Check the electrical components and wiring.
    • Clean the impeller. This is the multi-stage fan that creates the actual suction. These can get a little dusty, which is normal. This fan spins extremely fast, between 25,000 and 30,000 RPM. As long as the impeller is balanced, it is OK, but if dust buildup makes it unbalanced, it can cause extra wear on the bearings.


Central Vacuum Power Head Overhaul

Electric Power heads need periodic service to keep them performing at their full power.

Over time, they can become clogged with dust, and the beater brush can get tangled up with threads and bits of string. The drive belt wears with use, and will eventually break, and the beater brush will no longer turn.

A Power Head Overhaul is an inexpensive way of restoring your power head to peak performance, and costs much less than replacing the unit.


Why choose Alarvac?

Alarvac has been Installing and servicing central vacuum systems for over 20 years. Regardless of your make or model,Alarvac can repair or service your Central Vacuum System, which will not only improve your system efficiency but prolong the life or your system and protect the health of your family.


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