Security Alarm Rough-in/Pre-wiring


Here are some TIPs to consider when Roughing-in a Security Alarm Systems for your home or business.

Rough-in of hardwired Alarm systems whether you are renovating or building a new home as opposed to relying on Wireless systems which are not only costly but also not as reliable and require more maintenance.

Provide rough-in coverage of all basement, ground floor and accessible 2nd floor openings of all operable doors and windows.

In additional to Front door and Interior Garage doors, Key Pads should also be roughed-in, in the Master Bedroom so as to conveniently and safely Arm/Disarm your system as well provide direct access to Medical, Fire and Panic features in the event of emergencies.

Incorporate low voltage smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in addition to those specified by Municipal Building codes to alert appropriate authorities immediately in the case of Fire or Carbon Monoxide exposure.

Low cost monitored flood detector to protect your home from thousands of dollars of damage from possible flooding from your sump pump.

Provide additional spare wires in the attic in case of damaged wires or future needs.

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