Mircom KV Series Intercom

• Vandal resistant lobby panel
• Modular design
• 4-Wire Tenant Station
• Reliable and dependable access control for multi-unit apartments.



Mircom KV Series Intercom

KV Series Lobby Panel

Mircom’s KV-Series vandal resistant lobby panels are inspired by the continuous demands of architects, engineers, contractors and building owners.

Made from rugged aluminium alloy the KV-Series is built to withstand years of use and abuse. Vandal-resistant features include metal call buttons, a poke resistant speaker grill and unique locking mechanism. The metal buttons prevent vandals from melting them with cigarettes or lighters.

A variety of panels for speaker or handset intercom systems makes it easy to assembly a lobby panel to fit in virtually all applications. Each panel has a varying number of call buttons and directory spaces to accommodate system sizes from two to fifty apartments.

The modular construction of the K-Series panels makes it easy for distributors to stock and provide immediate delivery for their customers.

For vandalism protection a 16 AWG sheet of metal covers each speaker. A staggered arrangement of the speaker grill provides puncture protection without muffling the sound transmission of the speaker.

IS Series Tenant Stations

Mircom provides reliable and dependable access control for multi-unit apartments.

The four wire simplex system is easy to install thus greatly reducing installation cost. Since the system doesn’t use the public phone lines no monthly bills are incurred.

New or existing buildings can easily be adapted to Mircom’s system since 4 wire are commonly used. Depending on installation, it may be possible to use the existing lobby panel. Contact our technical service department for details.

IS Series Stations

IS-489 – Single Gang Intercom Station (shown)
IS-51-2 – Economical Dual Gang Station
IS-401B – Horizontal Suite Station
IS-51-3 – Vandal Resistant Station
IS-102 – Office Station

Mircom KV Series Intercom Lobby Panel Spec Sheet

Mircom IS Series Intercom Station Spec Sheet