What are the low voltage systems?

In home construction or renovation, in addition to the electrical wiring, and appliances which use 110V-high voltage-feed there are several Built-in systems which uses low voltage feeds and called “Low voltage systems”.


Low voltage systems for homes include Security systems-burglar alarms and Surveillance cameras-Intercoms, Home Audio and Video, Automation, Lighting and Networking which includes hard-wired Data, TV and telephone jacks as well as wireless access point/Wi-Fi boosters. Although central vacuums & garage door openers are not technically low voltage systems but they would are roughed-in at the same stage. This happens right after the rough-in of mechanical-HVAC, plumbing-and electrical.


Low voltage systems just like any other built in system will be done in two major stages:

  1. Low voltage Systems Rough-in
  1. Low voltage Systems Installation

1. Low Voltage Systems Rough-in

Low voltage systems rough-in is the necessary pre-wiring, piping, conduits, boxes, fixtures and vapor barriers prior to completion of the insulation and drywall.


When is the best time to rough-in a low voltage system?

The best time to rough-in a “low voltage system” is just before the insulation and drywall. The very first low voltage system to be roughed-in is the central vacuum. Considering the amount of piping and the limited locations for the central vac outlets, it’s imperative to be roughed-in before the electrical. Security systems, Intercoms, Audio/Video, Automation, lighting and Networking should be done right after the electrical wiring. The reason is the electrical wiring being pulled on top of the low voltage wiring could damage it.

2. Low Voltage Systems Installation

Low voltage systems installation is the final stage of the component and devices set up, networking and programing.


When is the best time to install a low voltage system?

The best time to install a low voltage system is typically right after completion of the painting and preferably prior to completion of the floors.


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