DSC Bravo5 360° Ceiling-Mount PIR Motion Detector

  • Ceiling Mounted
  • 360° Pattern
  • Detects regardless of movement direction
  • Accurate detection of human IR energy


The DSC Bravo5 ceiling-mount 360° motion detector is a passive infrared motion detector that uses an advanced quad-PIR element to provide consistent detection regardless of the motion direction. Resistant to false alarms due to RV, static and electrical transients. Ceiling needs to be flat in order to provide optimal detection pattern. Max 12 ft. high ceiling, detection pattern varies slightly for differing ceiling heights.

  • Temperature compensation for improved catch performance at critical temperatures
  • Patented Multi-Level Signal Processing (MLSP) for accurate detection of human IR energy over a broad range of temperatures
  • Sensitivity adjustment to configure the detector for normal or hostile environments
  • High-level static and transient protection
  • Exceptional white light immunity
  • Excellent RF immunity
  • Digital signal analysis for consistent detection throughout the coverage pattern
  • MFR # BV500