Over the last 28 years, we have serviced and installed every possible brand of Alarm system. Along the way we’ve learned a few things about alarm system products. We’ve come to trust and rely on some brands because their products work well, hardly ever break down, are easy to service, and parts for upgrade or repair are always available. DSC is one of those brands, and it’s worth telling you a little bit about them.

DSC has been around since 1979, and is now a global brand, headquartered in Toronto. Starting with small security keypads and microprocessor-based alarm panels, DSC grew larger and acquired a few companies and eventually was acquired by Tyco International, a $21 Billion giant in security-related products.

DSC is a Canadian company, and that’s really important. Not only because we like to wave the flag, and our economy is important to us, but it means that the products are manufactured and warehoused in Canada. In fact, right here in Toronto. Which means, when we need a product in a hurry, we don’t have to order from across the border or overseas, we can literally go pick up the product from the factory if we need to.

What’s also important is that DSC makes high quality, reliable products and is well established in the Canadian market. Why? For one, that means there are plenty of well-trained DSC technicians in our market. Which in turn means when a DSC Alarm System needs service, we can get a technician there pronto. We’ve seem our share of homeowners, stuck with obscure brands which were sold at dirt cheap prices. One of these brands, for example, has literally only two service technicians in Ontario who are qualified to service that particular brand. Ouch.

What DSC means to us and our customers is that we can recommend and install products that have superior performance and reliability, but priced very reasonably. When service or upgrades are needed, we can respond quickly and efficiently.

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