When it comes to protecting one’s love ones, home and pro property, a simple double lock doors, security windows or even a “local home security system” which is not monitored wouldn’t be sufficient. That is why it is always advisable to have a monitored home security system installed, however it should be monitored by a professional and stablished “monitoring station” in order to get the most of it. We at Alarvac believe that unmonitored home alarms are kind of waste of money and energy. You may are and disarm the system for years but you will not get any help from the Police, fire department and other emergency services.

Here are more advantages of a monitored home security system vs a local home security system, and a monitored home security system is a subtle but important distinction.  Here is why:

1. Instant Emergency Response:

In an emergency situation an unmonitored Home Security System will sound the alarm but the alarm is meaningless if there is no one to hear it. But professional home security monitoring will receive immediate attention even if no one is home. The professional monitoring company will make every effort to contact the homeowner, or designated contact.  Not to mention dispatching the proper authorities.

2. Home Insurance Benefits:

The vast majority of insurance companies offer policy discounts on homes with monitored home security systems.

3. Deter Thieves:

Most thieves commit crimes of opportunity.  Don’t be that opportunity!  A home with a monitored home security system looks much less attractive than a home without one to criminal looking for an easy score.

4. Additional Panic Button:

Monitored home security systems come with an additional panic button in the system’s control panel, which can be pressed during urgent situations to alert emergency responders. This button works even when the alarm system is not activated. This is an additional personal safety advantage of a monitored home security system.

5. Convenient:

A monitored home security system or a monitored ho me alarm is better because monitor means 24/7/365. A regular home security system is monitored by only you.  So if something happens when you are not at home, you simply just won’t know rendering the home security system ineffective.  Professional monitoring increases the functionality of your alarm system exponentially!

6. Ease of Installation:

Most monitored home security systems are backed by a company who provides a security plan and will professionally install all necessary equipment.   A monitored alarm system requires no technical expertise of the homeowner.

These are the undeniable benefits! Still the choice is yours, whether to assume the burden of monitoring your property on your own or hire a professional for strong security.