6 Really Good Reasons why you need a Monitored Alarm System

In an emergency, three things need to happen: First, you need to know what’s happening. Second, you need to know what action to take, and lastly, you need to be able to take that action.

In a real emergency, things are confusing, it’s hard to figure out what’s happening, and people often are not able to make the right decision and take the right action. Time is not on your side here.

Your alarm system is designed to let you know when something is wrong. It could be anything from an intrusion — a door or window open when it shouldn’t be, breaking glass, movement in the house, smoke, fire, excess heat in the attic, carbon monoxide, flooding in the basement, just to name a few.

Let’s imagine that you’re asleep in bed and your alarm triggers a siren and lets you know that something is wrong. What is happening? Is it a smoke alarm? Did somebody come in late from a party and forget to disarm the system? What if there’s an intruder? Where is the intruder? Do you confront the intruder? Suddenly the siren stops. Is it because the event is over, or because the wire to the siren has been cut? What do you do? You could be wasting precious seconds trying to see if you hear anything downstairs, when there’s actually a fire in the attic. Or what if there’s a Carbon Monoxide buildup? The alarm will sound, but what happens if you’re already unconscious or too groggy to respond?

Your alarm system provides only half the equation – letting you know when something is wrong. The other half – being able to act immediately and appropriately to protect your family and property – that’s where alarm system monitoring is invaluable. Here are 6 very good reasons to have your alarm system monitored:

1. Trained Security Experts are watching over your home 24/7/265

With a monitored Security Alarm System, trained security experts are watching over your home and well-being 24/7, 365 days per year, regardless of where you are, what you are doing, and even if you are unavailable or incapacitated. You have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that when there is an emergency and response time is critical, there is always someone there to respond and take immediate action.

2. Help is there when you need it.

When the Monitoring Station receives an emergency signal from your home, they will call you immediately to confirm the nature of the emergency. Even if your security system has been disabled by a burglar, the Monitoring station will know, and will dispatch a response. The monitoring station will dispatch the appropriate emergency response be it fire, police, ambulance, and emergency personnel will be on the scene as soon as possible.

Many emergencies are simply too serious or too overwhelming for you to handle by yourself, or possibly you may not even be in a position to do anything about it. Depending on the nature of the emergency, the security experts at the monitoring station will also provide specific instructions on what you need to do.

3. It’s not expensive…

…but we understand that many people are a little put off by the steep monitoring costs and long-term contracts pushed by some companies. The reality is that Security System Monitoring costs are well under a dollar per day. Insurance companies usually offer discounts for homes protected by alarm systems, so the net Monitoring cost for many customers could be down to a few quarters per day. And, because we never quite tire of tooting our own horn, we have to tell you that with Alarvac, you get exactly the monitoring services you want, from one of Canada’s leading Alarm System Monitoring providers, and we’ll never lock you into an expensive long-term contract.

4. Deter Thieves

Studies show that if you have a monitored alarm system, your chances of having your house broken into are significantly reduced. Also, if a break-in does occur, less property is stolen from homes with a monitored alarm system, since the burglars have much less time to operate.

5. It’s more than just an alarm system

Your alarm system can also monitor for fire, smoke, sudden temperature changes, carbon monoxide, even flooding in the basement. An important feature, especially for seniors or people living alone is the Panic Button. This is a small device easily carried around or on your person, that can be activated in case of an emergency.

6. It’s really easy to use

You don’t need any technical knowhow to use a monitored alarm system. Arming and disarming your system is dead simple. We help you plan and set up your Security System so it operates precisely as needed. We will help custom-tailor a security plan to ensure that whatever happens, you get exactly the response you need