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Advantages of central vacuum systems

  • Increased suction power —No compromises!  Because the vacuum cleaner motor, fan ducting and dirt collection system need not be portable, the design, weight and size of the unit are not as severely constrained as they are with portable systems. In use, it may actually be necessary to “bleed off” excessive suction, by partially opening a small bleed port on the side of the vacuum hose handle, provided for that purpose.  Some of our super strong 18 amp or 240volt units even use two motors for extra power.
  • “Wet vacuum interceptor” accessories are available for our systems; these operate by separating liquids from the dirty air stream prior to passage into the in-wall tubing and central unit. These “wet vac” units are subject to the same limitations as “wet-or-dry shop-vacuums “, and must be washed out and dried after use to prevent unpleasant odours and mould growth. However, toxic materials, such as asbestos should never be cleaned up with anything but specialized equipment made expressly for the purpose.
  • Complete removal of allergens and noxious odours — Central vacuums generally do not reticulate exhaust air back into the space being cleaned. This contrasts with the well-known acrid “vacuum smell” of fine dust and hot air exhausted from a portable vacuum. Instead, central vacuums exhaust spent air right out of your house.
  •  Low acoustic noise — Our well-designed central vacuums are very quiet at the point of use, since the powerful motor is located remotely in a utility space, and it’s well soundproof. This is a benefit to the person vacuuming, as well as anybody else occupying the space being cleaned, who otherwise might be woken up or driven out by the loud whine of a portable machine. We install large free flow mufflers on our power canisters substantially reducing exhaust sound.
  • Convenient home cleaning — Setup, use, and stowage of your vacuum hose and cleaning gadgets is quick and efficient. Cleaning stairways is much easier and safer without having to balance a heavy, hot appliance on each step, and coping with both a separate electrical cord and a vacuum hose.
  • Infrequent emptying — Central vacuums typically accumulate up to 10 kg (22 pounds) or more of dirt and dust before requiring disposal. Because of our giant sized disposable filter bags this task can be done much less frequently than for standard sized portable vacuum cleaners with their much smaller capacity filter bags.
  • Disposable filter bag systems are easy to maintain. Emptying the dust canister of a cyclonic vacuum (or bag less system) is best done outdoors on a breezy day.
  • Compatible with standard tools and accessories — Our central vacuum hoses are compatible with a wide range of industry standard brushes and tools used with ordinary portable vacuum cleaners.
  • Reduced damage and wear to furniture and walls — There is no heavy or awkward canister to carry from room to room when vacuuming. Only your lightweight vacuum hose and the cleaning tool being used need to be carried. To further reduce wear to furniture legs and projecting baseboard corners, a soft woven “hose sock” can be installed over the corrugated vacuum hose.
  • Durable equipment — Alarvac high quality central vacuum systems can last indefinitely, perhaps only requiring replacement of the motor brushes after a decade of use. Built with no compromise heavy-duty components, central vacuums avoid the damage caused by the constant moving, bumping, the accidental dropping and normal wear and tear associated with portables. Our associate name brand manufacturers give full “10-25 Year Warranties” on all installed components of our central vacuum installations.

(1) Protect and improve Indoor Air Quality in your Home and Business:

Central Vacuum Systems remove both visible and invisible pollutants from your living space.

We usually think of air pollution as being outdoors, but the air in your house or office is also polluted with concentrations of pollutants not found outdoors. (up to 5x’s more)

Sources of indoor pollution include:

  •      Mould and pollen
  •      Tobacco smoke
  •      Household cleaning products and pesticides
  •      Gases such as radon and carbon monoxide.
  •      Materials used in the carpets, furnishings and building such as  asbestos, formaldehyde and lead

What is, Sick Building Syndrome?

Sometimes a group of people have symptoms that seem to be linked to time spent in a certain building. There may be a specific cause, such as Legionnaire’s disease. Sometimes the cause of the illness cannot be found. This is known as sick building syndrome.

Usually indoor air quality problems only cause discomfort. Most people feel better as soon as they remove the source of the pollution. However, long time exposure to some pollutants can cause diseases, such as respiratory diseases or cancer.

Making sure that your home or building is well-ventilated and by getting rid of pollutants with a central vacuum system the quality of your indoor air will improve.

Canadians spend most of time indoors.  Millions of people suffer from allergies and asthma, and it is little wonder why. Canadians spend as much as 90% of their time indoors and according to National studies, indoor air quality is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. .

Good central vacuum systems can remove 100% of vacuumed pollutants out of your living environment and thus has been clinically proven to improve indoor air quality by as much as 52%.

(2) An Investment Which Pays For Itself:

Good central vacuum systems are more affordable than you think, starting at the cost of a household built-in dishwasher. Like your dishwasher, a central vacuum system is a home upgrade appliance and thus a selling feature of your home. Your central vacuum is the only vacuum system that truly will pay for itself on resale. It is therefore always a practical choice to opt for central vacuum installation services.

As a further bonus, not only do central vacuums clean better, but they generally have a life expectancy of two to three times longer than standard upright or canister vacuums.

(3) Tackle More Cleaning Jobs

With superior above-ground cleaning and superior cleaning tools, there is little that central vacuums can’t accomplish. With wet/dry units you can clean up all messes. Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners which use a short hose and inferior on-board cleaning tools, many everyday tasks you didn’t think possible are easily tackled with a central vacuum system. A simple and quick tool change means tops of doors, baseboards and cold air returns are cleaned easily without ever bending over or using ladders or step stools.

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