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Commercial Central Vacuum Systems


For all your applications, whether small, large, or somewhere in between, Alarvac Systems Inc. has over 25 years of experience and the expertise to assist you in the selection, design, and installation of a central vacuum system. Having installed commercial and industrial central vacuum systems in Car Dealerships, Mushroom Farms, Nursing Homes, Airport Control Towers, Manufacturing Plants, Public and Private Schools, Restaurants, Post Offices, Hotels, Churches, Manufacturing Plants, Fire Stations, Hair Salons, Office Buildings, Veterinarian Offices, Police Stations, and more, we have the experience to determine what will work in your facility.


Commercial Central System Advantages


If you're considering purchasing a Central Vacuum System for your business, let us give you some reasons why you should.


Less Noise


No need to worry about the task of vacuuming interfering with your business when you use a central vacuum system. With the quiet motors and mufflers now available with central vacuum systems, you'll be able to keep your business clean without the noise.


Versatile and Easy to Use


Commercial central vacuum systems today offer specific commercial hoses and tools that will fit the needs of your business. From Vacpans, where you can sweep dirt right up to your wall and watch it disappear, to "Vroom", a  retractable hose which can be conveniently installed inside a cupboard, to separators that turn your system into a wet vac, a central vacuum will give your business greater versatility in how you clean. No more dragging around vacuums to do the cleaning. Just plug in the hose to the wall outlet, or better yet, pull the retractable hose from the wall outlet, and start cleaning right away.

The variety in accessories for central vacuum systems is worth your consideration.


More Power


Central vacuums are up to 10 times stronger than regular vacuums, and most units come with warranties up to 10 years, ensuring you are purchasing an investment for your business.


Allergy relief


A Central Vacuum System removes the dirt from the air and carries it off, instead of a conventional vacuum where dust and dirt escapes back into the air as you're vacuuming. With advanced filtration today, central vacuuming has proven to improve air quality by as much as 52% by removing allergens from the air. As you're cleaning, you'll be providing cleaner air for your customers and employees and reducing the amount you have to clean by not putting any dirt or dust back into the air, not to mention the TIME you are saving, thereby reducing your bottom line.


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HX7515 Central Vacuum Power Unit
Product ID : HX7515
The motor unit comprising the second motor can be connected to the main unit...
Drain Vac, AUTOMATIK Series: DV2A310-CB
Product ID : DV2A310-CB
Drain Vac, AUTOMATIK Series: DV2A310-SP
Product ID : DV2A310-SP
Drain Vac, AUTOMATIK Series: DV2A310
Product ID : DV2A310
Drain Vac, CYCLONIK Series: DV1R18
Product ID : DV1R18
DrainVac Wet & Dry Central vacuum Unit
Product ID : CVUDDVA32
This Wet and Dry central vacuum system cleans up to 10,000 Sq Ft....