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No matter where you dwell, security has become a prime concern in today’s date! Burglaries and thefts are not only the reason of concern. There are neighbours and neighbourhood disputes that requires round the clock check. One never knows what can cook up from small fights and disagreements. Thus, it has become essential to get professional yet reliable surveillance. This scenario being a harsh reality, many companies have mushroomed, offering security services to businesses and homes. But the question that rises is are they all worth trusting? Is their residential and commercial alarm monitoring services worth investing in? Well! If you ask me, I would rather rely on DSC alarm monitoring services rather than the newbie in the market. And if you wish to know why my decision is so, read further, as I am going to discuss in depth about DSC and its alarm monitoring services and products.


DSC or Digital Security Controls is a well reputed name when it comes to electronic security services and solutions. Since day one the company has contributed immensely in the security space. Whether it is the DSC alarm monitoring products or the wireless modern sleek panel, its revolutionary and impressive innovations have always led the way in terms of safety measures. The brand came into existence with the sole motive to offer better and affordable protection to people and their properties. By delivering this pledge, year after year, it has become a name that is globally reputed.

DSC has its headquarters in Toronto. The brand is recognized across 140 nations for its distribution partners, along with security leaders/integrators. Products manufactured and designed by DSC are of premium class, offering highest level of satisfaction to users and buyers. It is supported by expert team of professionals who are constantly at work to develop and produce the next innovation of reliable and quality alarm monitoring products. The brand’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are located in Canada and Italy. Furthermore, they are committed to achieve the most recent ISO quality assurance standards and Six Sigma methodology for superior product competence, performance and dependability.

Brief History:

With the introduction of small and attractive security keypads, it not only has a proud history based on innovation but is as well recognised for setting new level of standards in this field. The company was founded in 1979 and since then it has been offering its customers with security services that are matchless in term of performance, user convenience and ease of use.

With the dawn of twenty first century, DSC had even better services to offer its clients. It continued to introduce technologically advanced services and products in the arena of top notch security monitoring, wireless security products and internet security communications. In the form of detection devices, security control panel structured cabling, communication products; their products and solutions can be seen in businesses and homes, across the globe.

DSC Alarm Monitoring Products:

Although the brand has a wide array of alarm systems, its products are basically offered under three major categories –

  • Communications
  • Sensor & Accessories and
  • Panel, Keypads & Modules

Identifying DSC Security System:

A basic DSC security system is equipped with a control panel, one or two keypads and numerous sensors and detectors. The control panel, which is a metal cabinet, is mounted out of the way, either in a utility closet or in the basement. The metal cabinet comprises of the system electronics, back up batteries and fuses.

How a DSC Alarm System Works:

  • Arming your system

It is mandatory to keep all doors and windows closed. Wait for the “Green Check” (ready light) to show. Now either enter your four digit access code or use the “Stay/Away” buttons. There will be a two minute exit delay, indicated by keypad beeps.

  • Disarming your system:

As soon as you enter your business or home, there will be a 30 second entry delay, indicated by a continuous keypad beep. Now you are required to disarm your system by enter the four digit access code.

  • “Stay” mode:

“Stay” mode is used when you are at home. This feature leaves your motion sensors disarmed by arming you perimeter doors and windows sensors. To activate it, you need to press and hold the “Stay” button till the keypad beeps.

  • “Away” mode:

Meant for “Quick-Arm” or “One-Button-Arming”, to use this features all doors and windows should remain closed. Wait for the “Green Check” (ready light) and then press and hold the “Away” button until the keypad starts beeping. For commercial applications, ask your technician to deactivate this key if you would like to keep track of user codes.

  • Master code:

To alter any programming into your system, the master code is required. This is needed even for arming and disarming your system. To change the Master Code press [*] [5] [Current Master Code] [40] [New Master Code] #.
*Note: Care needs to be taken while changing your master code, because if it is mistakenly deleted or forgotten, a technician will need to re‐program your system.

  • User access code:

Although a user access code can be used for arming and disarming your system, it is different from the master code. This is so because the feature does not allow the user to alter any programming. Depending on the system you use, the number of codes will differ. It is always advisable to use a two digit code while using the user access code.

  • Time & date programming:

If any day you are required to reset the date and the time on your keypad; press [*] [6] [Master Code], then press [1] to select Time and Date. Enter the time in 24 hr format (HH:MM) followed by the date (MM: DD: YY). Press # to exit programming.

  • Bypassing a zone:

You can bypass a zone, if shows “open” and also you are not in a position to arm the system. For further details, kindly refer your manual.

Communication Tests:

It is imperative to assure that your DSC alarm monitoring system is working properly with all of its connections. This will ensure the safety of your business and home along with prevention from false alarm. It is not always possible for professional security technicians to keep visiting you. But still issues can keep popping up. Thus, it is essential for you, as the owner of the alarm, to know the basic scrutiny. Here are the steps that you can carry out easy weekly inspection on your entire DSC Power Series security system –

1. Ensure the system is disarmed, all Zones are Close and the Ready light is illuminated.
2. Perform a System Test As described in Steps # 1 & 2 above:

  • Press *6 Then Enter Your Master Code
  • Press 4

3. Activate Each Detector on the System

  • Open and Close Door and Windows
  • Walk in Front of Motion Sensors/Motion Detectors

4. On Your Keypad, zones will show open as you activate them

  • For a PK5500, RFK5500 Full Message LCD Keypads, the LCD Screen will Say “Secure System Before Arming” and you can use the < and > keys to scroll through open zones
  • For PK5501 and RFK5501 Icon Keypads, The screen will say “Open” when any zone is activated. Pressing the # key will make the keypad scroll through which zones are open.
  • On a PK5508, RFK5508 or RFK5516 LED Keypad, the zone light will activate when the zone is open. The light will turn OFF when the zone is closed.

While carry out the test, if you happen to notice any issue with your alarm monitoring system, immediately call you Security Company for DSC alarm repair service.

Benefits of DSC Alarm Monitoring Systems:


1. Highest Level of Security:

Studies have shown that 80% of the burglars targets homes and business that either have no security systems installed or the ones that are with simple security. But DSC alarm monitoring systems comes with two major aspects – personal safety and peace of mind. When you have your property installed with technologically advanced security systems from DSC, you can rest assured that a great security company is watching your back.

2. Variety of Features:

Being a player in the security market for years, DSC is well known for alarm monitoring systems with variety of features. The company works hard to supply alarm systems that are of highest standard and can stand tall in terms of customer satisfaction. Some of the most important aspects of DSC alarm monitoring include –

  • Wired and wireless home security
  • Touch screen panels
  • Motion detectors
  • Smoke, motion, flood and carbon monoxide detectors

3. Affordable:

Compared to other security system providers, DSC offers its customers everything that a user requires to safeguard properties in the best manner. Each of the brand’s security systems are backed with great technology and expert engineering. Given to this fact, their products should have been expensive. But the happy news is that it is not so. Another reason of DSC alarm monitoring systems being so popular is that they are quite affordable.

4. Escort Module:

The escort module is a big reason why DSC alarm monitoring systems are better as compared to the others in the market. The feature allows the user to monitor and control the system remotely. And the process is as simple as using a telephone. The user has to dial his/her home number from any location, followed by entering a security access code set for the escort module. Once into the system, a voice menu will guide the user with multiple options and he/she needs to enter the preferred digit/s into his/her phone to check the status of home/business.

5. Bell Supervision:

Most of the DSC security systems are supported with bell supervision features. This is something that is not found on most other alarm systems. This function constantly monitors the connection from the main alarm panel to the sirens. The panel causes trouble beeping and lights on the keypads, if the connection is broken.

DSC Alarm Repair Center:

Although there are a number of DSC alarm repair centers, Alarvac Systems is the best in Toronto. They are supported with certified and expert technicians are well versed with solutions related to this field. Alarvac’s basic service call includes sending their technicians for a complete on-site system inspection to figure out the exact fault. If it a simple issue, their experts will resolve the problem within an hour. But if the system requires extensive repair or system upgrade, the professional will provide all the essential details that need to be done with the help of the brand’s technical department. The company has been into business for twenty five years and thus is a renowned name when it comes to repair services of built in home systems including alarming monitoring systems.

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