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Wet & Dry Central Vacuum Systems

Wet & Dry

Whether you are a professional, commercial enterprise, or a home owner that just wants to keep their valued furnishings, rugs, and carpeting in TOP shape, our Wet & Dry Central Vacuum Systems are just what you need.


How do Wet & Dry Central Vacuum Systems Work?


They are just like conventional central vacuum systems except that they connect to a drain so that fluids can be sucked up, and there is no maintenance required for the canister.
Drain Vac, AUTOMATIK Series: DV2A310-CB
Product ID : DV2A310-CB
Drain Vac, AUTOMATIK Series: DV2A310-SP
Product ID : DV2A310-SP
Drain Vac, AUTOMATIK Series: DV2A310
Product ID : DV2A310
DrainVac Wet & Dry Central vacuum Unit
Product ID : CVUDDVA32
This Wet and Dry central vacuum system cleans up to 10,000 Sq Ft....