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Central Vacuum Power Units

Power Units

When it comes to choosing a Vacuum for your home, it is important to consider the type and size of your home, how much carpeting you have, and what features you are looking for, including being able to not just Vacuum, but also clean your carpets, upholstery and possibly detailing your own vehicles or cleaning up messes in your workshop.

We have tried them all and can recommend the Best unit to suit your needs for years to come.

Click on a Category below to view our selections or CALL 416-520-4080 NOW and we can walk you through our selection and answer all your questions.

24V On/Off Hose
Product ID : TBBO730C
On/Off hose easy to handle Dia. 13⁄8" Available in 15', 25', 30', 35',...
110-24V On/Off Electric Hose
Product ID : TBBOP430C
Electric 110-24V hose Dia. 13⁄8" 5 year warranty
Drain Vac, PRO Series: PRO105-C
Product ID : PRO105-C
Drain Vac, PRO Series: 2PR9923-C
Product ID : 2PR9923-C
Deco Central Vacuum System
Product ID : DV60
Deco Hybrid DV60 Central Vacuum Power Unit: •Quality at its best price...
Drain Vac, PRO Series: PRO106-C
Product ID : PRO106-C
Drain Vac, S1000 Series: S1005-CM
Product ID : S1005-CM
CycloVac GS75 Central Vacuum Power Unit
Product ID : CVUCGS75
Perfect for apartments and recreational vehicles!
Drain Vac, ATOMIK6
Product ID : ATOMIK6
Call for installation/delivery arrangement
Drain Vac, PRO Series: 2PR9938-C
Product ID : 2PR9938-C
EBK360 On/Off Electric 110-24V Kit
Product ID : CYEPD-XXP
On/Off hose SUPER LUXE brush kit for vacuum cleaner Electric powerhead...
Drain Vac, S1000 Series: S1007-CM
Product ID : S1007-CM
Cyclovac GS115 Central Vacuum Power Unit
Product ID : CVUC GS115
For condos and apartments
Drain Vac, Generation 2 Series: 2G20023-CM
Product ID : 2G20023-CM
SEBO ET-1 On/Off Electric 110-24V Kit with Soft Touch
SEBO ET-1 electric powerhead Cyclo Vac electric hose with 3-way switch...
CycloVac GS95 Central Vacuum Power Unit
Product ID : GS95
Perfect for smaller homes, condos and townhomes
Drain Vac, Generation 2 Series: 2G20038-CM
Product ID : 2G20038-CM
CycloVac H215 Central Vacuum Power Unit
Product ID : CVU H215
Drain Vac, Generation 2 Series: 2G20028-CM
Product ID : CVUD 2G20028-CM
Drain Vac, CYCLONIK Series: DV1R700-F
Product ID : DV1R700-F