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Product ID : CVANTC
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Product No.: TP210
Manufacturer No.: 8695


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The Amazing TurboCat

is the embodiment of non-electric turbine power brushes that 

require no power cords, batteries or electricity. Virtually hundreds of 

thousands of homeowers groom their carpets with the TurboCat power 

brush. It is simple to use, and the brush, when bought alone, 

fits all systems and hoses. However, we recommend that customers 

purchase the complete hose and tool kit. Both are available here.

TurboCat Turbine Vacuum is a replacement for all colors of TurboCat, 

TurboCat II, TurboCat Plus, TL2000, T210, Ultra TP210 Turbine PowerHead 

7160, 7161, and 7210 (and any other combination of these names)


Air Powered Perfection

There's power, and then there's turbine power. The TurboCat Vacuum's 

powerful suction from the vacuum unit in the basement or garage reaches down 

to the carpet to extract embedded dirt, debris, and allergens. The turbine is 

connected to a cogged belt that grips the center of the roller brush, 

increasing the brush rotation as fast as the vacuum suction allows. 

How do you know the TurboCat is working? Listen to the sound of the 

whining turbine. You know you are getting the best the 

TurboCat can offer.


Easy Release Wand Hard-to-reach 

edges or corners require cleaning, 

but bending down to disconnect the 

wand from the power head can cause 

even the most meticulous homeowner 

to skip those areas. TurboCat's easy-release 

foot lever saves your back by allowing 

you to instantly disconnect the wand 

from the power head to spot clean those 

hard-to-reach areas. Now you can have a cleaner home while saving your back.


 TurboFlex Agitator

The Turboflex® Agitator beats the carpet and scoops up deeply embedded dirt. 

The turbine energy is channeled through a cogged drive belt. This specially designed 

cogged belt reduces slippage, resulting in reliable performance and a longer life.  

The TurboCat brush itself comes with a 3-Year Limited Warranty.



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