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Central Vacuum Hoses, Tools & Kits

Car Kit
Product ID : CVKG
Car kit includes 30' crush proof hose, 3 piece accessory kit including Hose...
24V On/Off Hose
Product ID : TBBO730C
On/Off hose easy to handle Dia. 13⁄8" Available in 15', 25', 30', 35',...
24 V DataSync Hose
Product ID : TBBO830C
24 V DataSync hose made in Canada 4 power levels Available in 30' 5 year...
Deluxe Air Kit 24 Volt
Product ID : CVKAD
Light weight, Crush Proof, Universal
SUPER LUX Central Vacuum Accessory Kit 24 Volts
Product ID : CVKC-CYOF30
SUPER LUXE brush kit and handle for central vacuum. Available in 35'and...
Product ID : CVV24
Vroom, 24’ Stretch Hose, No need to grab the central vacuum hose and tools...
110-24V On/Off Electric Hose
Product ID : TBBOP430C
Electric 110-24V hose Dia. 13⁄8" 5 year warranty
Retractable Hose System Finishing Kit
Retractable Hose System Finishing Kit includes Hose, handle and tools.
Central Vacuum Electric Kit
Product ID : CVKEZ11
Power Head Kit
Central Vacuum Electric Kit
Product ID : CVKEC
Accessories Kits for Central Vacuum Systems. Built-in 110 V and 24 V
Retractable Hose System. Hide-A-Hose & Retrafelx by Cyclo Vac
Product ID : CVKRH

Retractable Hose for Central Vacuum Systems.

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EBK360 On/Off Electric 110-24V Kit
Product ID : CYEPD-XXP
On/Off hose SUPER LUXE brush kit for vacuum cleaner Electric powerhead...
SUPER LUX Central Vacuum on/off Accessory Electric Kit 110 - 24V
Product ID : CYE-230-XX
On/Off hose SUPER LUXE brush kit for central vacuum system Hybrid...
SUPER LUXE DataSync Electric 110-24 V kit
Product ID : CVKC- CYSPD30
SUPER LUXE attachment kit for central vacuum Hybrid connection Available in...
SEBO ET-1 On/Off Electric 110-24V Kit with Soft Touch
SEBO ET-1 electric powerhead Cyclo Vac electric hose with 3-way switch...