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DSC Security Alarm Systems

DSC Security Alarm Systems

We at Alarvac believe that DSC security alarm systems are the best choice in alarm systems in North America, especially in Toronto.

Here's why: 

 Alarvac Systems Inc. can provide you with any Security Alarm System of your choice. We design, rough-in and install reliable and efficient alarm systems using DSC, Honeywell, Ademco, Panasonic and GE, as well as other leading brands. However, our first choice is the world renowned Canadian manufacturer, DSC. DSC, (Digital Security Controls) founded in 1979, introduced the industry‚Äôs first small and attractive security keypads, and micro-processor-based alarm panels that set new standards for reliability, convenience and ease-of-use. 

Not only are DSC systems the most reliable security alarms but they are the most user-friendly systems. In addition to that, almost all technicians in North America are familiar with DSC versus other brands that only 10% of alarm installers and technicians are familiar with. Whether you need a complete system roughed-in and installed in your new custom home, or just a basic system in your existing home or office, DSC covers it all! DSC's full-featured alarm systems could be integrated with leading Home Automation Systems and accessed remotely. 

DSC provides you with all the features, peace of mind, and protection for you, your family and your property. We design systems with the greatest protection and practicality, that are cost effective. Please call 416-520-4080 or email now for more information on packages and pricing.

DSC Key pad
Product ID : PK5501
DSC Key pad
Product ID : PK5500
DSC Key pad, PK5500, Fully LCD, 8 language support
DSC Security Alarm Installation Kit
Product ID : ALKD1616
DSC Power 1616 Security alarm system installation kit

Innovations by DSC 

From their revolutionary security control panels to their industry-leading IP alarm monitoring products, and now to their contemporary self-contained wireless panels, DSC has always been front and center in the security systems marketplace. 

DSC’s proud Canadian history leads into the evolutionary future

In 1990, DSC acquired Sur-Gard, a competitor specializing in central monitoring station equipment, and in 1998, expanded the brands with the acquisition of Italian security manufacturer, Bentel. In 2002, the DSC Group was acquired by Tyco International, and DSC, Sur-Gard and Bentel became individual brands under the Tyco Fire & Security portfolio. In 2007, Tyco separated into three independent, publicly traded companies with DSC moving under the new Tyco International banner. 

In the 21st century, DSC continues to innovate in the areas of superior security monitoring, internet security communications, and wireless security products. They design and manufacture security control panels, detection devices, communication products and structured cabling solutions. Their products are in homes and businesses across the globe. 

DSC, a global brand with the highest standards 

DSC is a Canadian global brand with its headquarters in Toronto. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Canada and Italy, and their teams of engineers and security experts, are continuously developing the next innovations of quality, reliable security products. DSC is dedicated to achieving the most up-to-date ISO quality assurance for superior product efficiency, performance, and reliability. 

DSC’s technology and experience – An unbeatable combination 

DSC put forth an unbeatable combination of leading-edge technology and industry experience. The results are reliable, flexible and durable security solutions of the highest quality that are easy to install, user friendly, and are easily upgradable. 

We hope that you agree with us; DSC security systems are the best in the market. So when you need exceptional security systems that work when it matters most, look to DSC and contact Alarvac for expert and reliable installation.